Now at Somerset House

One of my favourite venues in London, Somerset House, is currently showing two interesting photography exhibitions - and they're both free of admission.

The first one is Jim Lee: Arrested, an exhibition showcasing the work of fashion photographer and film maker Jim Lee. I did find the exhibition a bit funny and Lee's work a product of his time (even cosidering the fact that the exhibition has new work as well, and not only work from Lee's days of glory in the 1960's and 1970's), but that's maybe also what I liked about it. I'm a sucker for fashion from different eras (the 1960's being one of my favourites) and I love looking at the clothes in old pictures (be it fashion or not), because I think that only by looking at the clothes people are wearing, you can read so much into that era.

The other photography exhibition, Gideon Mendel: Drowning World, has a more serious subject matter. It showcases Mendel's global photography project about Flooding. He has shot portraits of flood victims, standing in the landscape of their personal misfortune. You see images of people, all around the world, standing in what used to be their livingroom or street, with water up to their knees - or even necks. Sometimes I'm very happy to be from Finland, it might be bloody cold and dark in the winter, but we don't have (that bad) floods, earth quakes, tsunamis etc.

While you're at Somerset House, they also have an exhibition with the art of the Japanese tattoo artist Horiyoshi III and one dedicated to the work of designer Wendy Ramshaw and the Courtauld Gallery in the same building is also always well worth a visit. Oh, and the bookshop's quite nice, as well as the cafés. And during the winter, there's always the ice rink...as I said, I like Somerset House!


Diamond Jubilee

The Queen: Art & Image opened today at the National Portrait Gallery. I saw the exhibition last summer at the National Galleries of Scotland and the royalist I am, I loved the exhibition and was thrilled to read that the touring show has finally come to the capital. 
The exhibition is a celebration of the Queen's 60 years at the throne, but it also shows how the expectations of the image of the British monarchy has changed during this period of time. I couldn't care less about the Olympics, but super happy about being here for the Diamond Jubilee!
Personal favourites included, among other things, a portrait of the Queen with the Duke of Edinburgh by Thomas Struth from 2011 and a casual snap by Eve Arnold from 1968. 


Deller & Shrigley at the Hayward

The Hayward Gallery has two brilliant exhibitions on until the 13th May. The first one is Jeremy Deller's Joy in People (a fantastic flashback to the 90's) and the other one is David Shrigley's hilarious exhibition Brain Activity. If you haven't seen the exhibitions yet, I recommend you go this Friday, because Deller & Shrigley will be spinning records at the Concrete Café at the Hayward from 8 pm.


Ruff at the Gagosians

Last week was the opening reception for Thomas Ruff's exhibitions at the Gagosian. He's showing his space picures at the Gagosian on Britannia Street, and his Nude-series at Davies Street. The Ma.r.s exhibition was quite fun, because you get to wear 3D glasses and I love the space (worht going to the gallery just for that), but with the nudes I can't stop thinking that he might not be as famous if he'd chosen to blow up images of squirrels or sunsets found online instead of porn images. What do you think?


Lizzy & Cecil

I love the Queen and I love Cecil Beaton, so I was thrilled when I saw the exhibition Queen Elsiabeth II by Cecil Beaton at the V&A. The coronation portrait above is just amazing. Go and see it and celebrate the Diamond Jubilee!


Paolo Roversi

In case you haven't seen it yet (I know some of you have), Paolo Roversi's amazingly beautiful fashion photographs are exhibited at the Wapping Project Bankside (next to Tate Modern) until the end of March. A must see! And a proof that fashion photography doesn't have to be crisp, highly stylized and digitally manipulated. Less is more, if you ask me.

UCA Talk

Thanks everyone who came for my talk a couple of weeks ago! I think Jonathan already posted something on the course blog, but here's some of the things I mentioned:

The YouTube video for Out of Fashion can be seen here and if you wanna know more about the project or see some pictures from the exhibitions, check out our Tumblr and Facebook. You can also always ask me, if you want to know more practical things about how to make an exhibition and/or publication happen, I'm happy to help you out.

My project, The Memory of My Wardrobe, can be seen on my webpage, along with other projects I've done during my stay at uni.

For anyone interested in ethical consuming and fashion, the book I recommended is called To Die For - Is Fashion Wearing Out the World, and it's written by Lucy Siegle.

Hope you're getting along well with your projects and enjoying your time at uni!